How To Identify And Fix Hail Damage On Your Roof

Roof Repair Following Hail Damage

Did you know the higher an object starts to fall, the weight of the object accelerates and creates greater damage? You might think hail is too small to damage your roof and your car, but in fact, it does. Depending on the hail size, it could damage your shingles or even make holes in your house and car.

How To Identify Hail Damage

Keep in mind; hail damage is unseeable from the ground. You may see few damages on the home sidings, but you would need to get on the roof to better notice the damages. Grab a flashlight and look for damages. Hailstones could damage your asphalt shingles in many different ways. One of the noticeable damages is damaged shingles. Fast, large, or dense hailstones can completely break the shingles that cannot be fixed. This leads to water leakage without a doubt.
A large, sharp, heavy hailstone can crack the shingles and even damage the underneath layer. If hail continues for a while, it could break through all the protection and reach the roof deck. If you see any kind of damages or missing pieces on your roof, it is most likely due to the hail and needs to be taken care of. After soft hail, sometimes damages aren’t apparent by looking, so use your hands to feel any dimples or cracks.
You can find oxidation marks on the home siding after the hail. Carefully run your hand over the sidings and roofs to look for chalky residue on your hand. This is also one of the damages you could find. Some people decide to wash it off or paint it over. However, oxidation marks mean the sidings have done their job, and it is time for a replacement. The older the sidings are, the more oxidation marks will appear.
Use a high-powered spotlight to carefully look for any denting that might be minor cracks and dimples. Look for any uneven gaps or layers of sidings and roofs to identify damages. Moreover, you can try to press the shingles and sidings to find any damages.

What Happens If You Ignore The Hail Damage

Damaged roofs and sidings could make your house hotter in the summer and colder in the winter by letting the inside air go out in the summer and outside air come inside in the winter. This causes high electricity bills, which nobody wants.
The worst case is moist access in between the layers of the house. Moist will slowly and continuously get inside your home and cause mold, rot, and destruction inside your home. Further on, pests will start living in between and inside your house.
A granule is a thin layer created on the shingles and designed for better protection. It is designed to block UV rays and protect the underlying asphalt layer. Hail could knock off the granules and expose shingles to get damaged easily. If granules are damaged, the protection is gone and will soon create problems like a roof leak.
Ignoring the damage will cause more problems and make things worse. There is a high chance that you will end up with a lot of money for repairing and replacing. The longer you ignore it, the more dangerous it gets. Knocked-off granules require shingles replacement.

What Is The Cost For Hail Damage Roof Repair?

The money you would need to repair hail damage to your house will depend on how bad the situation is. There are many things to consider like roof size, types of applications, used materials, number of layers, code requirement, pitch, obstacles around the house, and where you live. After all those being considered, the average cost for repairment ranges from $1,200 to $7,200, including the damages on the sidings.
Don’t forget. The price is including the labor cost, which is the most expensive aspect of repairment. The cost could vary by the style of the houses, whether it is ranch-style, colonials, or Tudor-style. Having many obstacles around your house like skylights, plumbing pipes, chimneys, and trees makes roofers harder and longer to repair the damages. The price will vary by what kind of roofs are being removed and what kind it is being replaced. Is it going to be asphalt shingles, wood shake, slate roof, or metal shingles? Material is something you could consider to lower the price and understand that every material has a different lifespan.

Does Insurance Cover Hail Damage?

The best way to know if the damage is covered by insurance is to call a roofer for a consultation. Get help from an expert to decide whether it is better to report to the insurance company or not. Depending on the company, only a few or all damages could be covered. You don’t want to report damage that is not covered because your insurance rate will increase without getting any help. An inspector can take a careful look to identify small to significant damages and will suggest the best solution possible
It might be better to replace the whole roof rather than fixing it, or you might find a bigger problem that has been there before the hailstorm. Quick tip, the roof warranty does not cover hail damage. If you replace a new roof, make sure to fully read the warranty before signing it. Understand what kind of damages are covered and what is not.
If your house is damaged due to hail, get help from the expert and don’t neglect the problem. If you have to replace the roof and siding, consider choosing a material that is strong and durable under harsh weather.
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