Why You Should Install Metal Roofs Over Shingles

Tearing off your old shingles and replacing a new metal roofing could be time-consuming. In fact, it is possible to install metal roofing over existing shingles only if you currently have one layer of roofing. Codes vary by state, so please check with your local building department to find out what is the safe and legal way to do so. If you already have two layers of roofing, you will have to tear off all of them in order to install metal roofing.

Is Metal Roof Worth it?

Metal roofs, also known as steel roofs, last 20-30 years more and have greater selections than asphalt roofs. Metal roofing is a bit more complicated, from selecting the metal type to installing them. Start Farm Insurance statistics showed that metal roofs have an average longevity of 40 to 70 years. This indicates that once you install metal roofs, there is a very low chance that you will have to replace your roofs. On the flip side, homeowners with shingles will have to replace the roofs 2 to 3 times over a 50-year period.

How Can I Install Metal Roofing Over Shingles?

The best option for metal roofing would be using a steel shingle system instead of standing seam steel. Steel shingles are installed horizontally using small panels, while standing seam steels are installed vertically using long panels.

Benefits of Metal Roofing – Steel Shingle System

  • Frames are directly screwed on rafters, and steel shingles are screwed to the frame by the interlock. This means the roof holds out against strong wild wind of up to 120mph without any damage. 120mph wind falls under the 3rd category of the hurricane winds that could cause major damages and removals of roof decking and gable end. It could damage the electricity and water, and many trees can be snapped. Steel shingles system will keep your roof safe and secure even under wild weather.
  • Over time, the shape of the roof changes due to many factors. Shingles could be curled, and roof ridges could be bowed. The roof protects the house from the snow, rain, and keeps you warm and cozy, so there is nothing wrong if the roof changes its original shapes. The metal frame provides a flat and straight surface even if the roof is off the shape a bit.
  • Metal roofing is less combustible than conventional roofing materials like wood or asphalt shingles. A technical bulletin from the Metal Construction Association stated that metal roofing does not increase a lightning strike risk. In fact, it is safer and shielded under lighting. A metal roof is an isolated structural component, not directly connected to the ground inherent in the design. It is made with electrical conductors and noncombustible materials, which creates no connection to woods and poles.
  • Eco-friendly. Metal roofs are primarily made of recycled materials and can be used over and over again. Especially, installing over existing shingles is less harmful to the Earth than tearing off the entire shingles and starting from scratch. You can save time, money, and materials.
  • Metal shingles are coated in highly reflective paint systems that do an excellent job blocking the heat and the sun’s rays. During the hot summer, you can keep the indoor cool without using the air conditioner excessively.
  • Last but not least, excellent ventilation. The metal frame helps keep your house cool in the summer and prevents ice dams in the winter. This could be done by cutting holes in the old roof above the soffit. Air from the inside goes to the soffit vents underneath and air from the outside goes under the shingles to the vented ridge. It keeps the moisture and heat out from the house.

Misconception about Metal Roofing

  • Steel roof is a bit more pricey than other materials. The initial cost of metal roofing is higher than other materials. However, metal roofs last almost twice as long as having shingles. If you compare the price with longevity, you are actually saving money in the long term. On top of that, you save time if you install metal roofs on existing shingles. You are saving money from tearing off the shingles and adding more value to metal roofs.
  • Some people claim that metal roofing makes loud, unpleasant noise when installing and when it rains. Metal roofing is less noisy if you install it on existing shingles. If metal roofs are correctly installed, it is no noisier than any other types of roofing. Find experienced carpenters who could perform a great job.
  • It is mistaken that steel roofs are unattractive. Over the years, the roofing industry has developed wide selections of designs and patterns to add luxurious and elegant yet durable and strong designs. You can select the one that will blend in with your home and neighbor.

Cons about Metal Roofing

One of the cons of metal roofing is that it cannot be used on low-slope applications. Most metal shingles are designed to use on a pitch above a 3/12. Anything below that could cause a problem like not draining rain and other extreme weather. Make sure to talk to a local building department to know if your house is suitable for metal roofing.

Metal roofing is a new rising trend in the residential construction industry. You can find many short to long-term benefits. It provides a safe and secure roof to your house, staying strong under extreme wind and weather. Once installed, there is no need to worry about roofing again for the next forty to seventy years. Consider what will be the best for you and your family.

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Why You Should Install Metal Roofs Over Shingles
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