Roof Replacement Cost in 2022

Replacing a roof might look like a straightforward procedure – however, there are multiple factors that affect the roof replacement cost. Aside from heavy materials like shingles, items like ventilation, nails, labor, and flashing are all the important part of this cost. So, continue reading the passage to find out the roof replacement cost on average scales and understand the technicalities that create a difference in these costs. This way, you will be better able to save your money and make wiser decisions regarding protecting your roof.

How Much Will a New Roof Cost?

The average roof replacement cost will show some variation – for instance, it is said that the usual range of the costs lies between five thousand to ten thousand dollars, but it can even get as low as thousand dollars and as high as thirty thousand dollars. A lot of roofing companies would be charging between $3.50 and $5.00 per sq. foot. The average size is around $1700 sq. feet. The cost will depend on different factors like square footage, damage to the roof, and the material among other factors.
You might be getting a roof having a meager quality which comes because of a lower quality of work. Your priority should not be to move forward with this type of work as doing so will only demand you to replace the roofs sooner or later which can even void the warranty of the roof. In that essence, it is important to ask the company about the liability and insurance prior to hiring them so that your insurance is covered if you get into an accident.
It is important to only refer to companies that license and insure their services so that you are protected in case of any mishap. As you call this type of service, look out for chances for a free evaluation and an estimation for factors so that you know from the start what exactly to expect.
Before you actually get to know the cost of these materials, let’s first acknowledge how roofers analyze the material. Roofers discuss about the cost of the material of the roof in terms of squares, which is ten foot by ten foot of the roofing area. Rather than getting estimates of the total cost in square feet, roofers will use the square measurement that is actually found out by figuring out the length by width of the roof plane and then through summing up the measurements together.

How Much Will it Cost to Re-shingle a Roof?

The average cost for reshingling a roof is around $7000, however, it is not a fixed amount. The roof replacement roof cost for reshingling a roof is dependent on the number of items like roof size, shingle material, geographic location, and other similar factors. If you are finding out a minor repair rather than to reshingle the whole roof, replacing or fixing some shingles have varied costs. Roofing calculator suggests the average cost to be about $650.

Among the biggest expenditure that influences the cost would be the material you choose. In that sense, basic, three tab asphalt shingles come as quite affordable roofing material. A square of this material will be ranging from $150 to the two hundred dollars. However, the material would be thin and be vulnerable to the wind damage. Most of the local municipalities follow the IBC (International Building Code) of 2012 and 2015. Because of these codes, the minimum requirement is 90 MPH that most of the 3 tabs do not have, so be considerate of the roofing company will suggest to choose the material.
Some of the three tab shingles have wind resistance up to 60 MPH requirement and has the inclusion of a 10 year resistance for algae. In most terms, the asphalt shingle types are the laminate shingles or architectural shingles. These shingle types are actually more reliable and of better quality due to their thickness. The cost for installing 30 year architectural shingles will be around three hundred dollars to five hundred dollars per square. Architectural shingles of 50 years will be stronger and are premium in quality. This type of shingle may cost around $450 t0 more than $700 per square.
Quality roofing organizations need to give a better extensive warranty for a product such as 50 year architectural shingles. You need to inquire about the warranty prior to selecting a roofing material. Paid warranties make it necessary for a least of brand required items that enable extended warranties. These make sure you get top-notch product that is offered by the production company. It will cost you about eight to twenty dollars per square in addition to the extra cost for upgraded materials. Better contractors you will find will offer you top-quality products so that will not be an extra cost that depends on the contractor.
  • A well-maintained roof saves your house from irreversible weather damage.
  • It also protects the insulation and ventilation systems of your house.
  • Timely replacement of the worn-out roof reduces the risks of any potentially serious problems.
  • It increases the value of your house commercially.
  • It is also essential for your family’s health as the growth of mold and mildew may lead to various health issues.

Other Factors to Consider


Replacing a roof will demand different nails. In 2018, the cost for a box of the nails that gets incremented from sixteen to twenty seven dollars, and a usual roof will need two boxes of nails. The nails cost will add up and get into the factor of the overall cost for roof replacement.


For added protection against the water damage, it is suggested through using a reliable underlayment on the roof. If the shingles are damaged, underlayment will be keeping your home safe from the leaks, molds, and other issued that water causes. Underlayment is a requirement for code, so make sure that the contractor installs with a plan.

Temperature Regulation

To make sure your roof is protected from the adversaries of the temperature like ice, having a moisture and ice barrier is important. Different formulations are created that are adaptable and adhere well to your roof. This barrier will provide you with an added layer of protection outside these shingles for keeping the water from getting seeped underneath.
Thaw and freeze cycles are different ways moisture could come in the home. We suggest two layers of the barrier for keeping your roof and the home safe. This barrier is a code requirement as well. You will need to ask the contractor about the process to apply it to ensure your home will be safe.
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