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Signs That You Need a Roof Repair in Paramount, CA

If you are a first-time homeowner, you may not know when you need to have your roof repaired. You may not even know that you need to repair a roof. There are many tell-tale signs that you should consider having your roof repaired, and with careful inspection of your home, you won’t find any surprises sneaking up on you.

Below is a comprehensive list of signs that tell you that you should reach out to roofers in Paramount, CA to have a roof repair.

Shingles are Missing

One of the biggest signs that you may need to consider a roof repair is if there are bent, curled, split, or missing shingles. You should occasionally inspect your roof, especially after a bad storm; however, you don’t necessarily need to climb onto your roof to inspect it. Most of the time, you will notice any significant damage from the ground.

One way to notice that you’re missing a significant number of shingles on your Los Angeles County roof is if water comes in after a storm or if you can see sunlight coming through your attic or ceiling. If you notice either of these things, you should call roofers to have a roof repair done.

Stains on Your Ceiling

Another way that you can tell if you need to get your roof repaired is if you notice stains on your ceiling or your walls. Stains in your ceiling indicate that water has seeped past your shingles and is staining the interior of your home. These stains can appear brown, yellow, or gray.

Sagging Ceiling

In the same vein as staining, a leaky roof can cause your ceiling to sag. When your ceiling sags, it means that water has seeped into your home for a while and is starting to pool in one concentrated area. You can see sagging on your roof as well, which should alert you that you need to get a roof repair in Los Angeles County. Periodically walk around your house and search for places that appear warped.

Higher Energy Bill

The first thing you may notice when you need to replace your roof is that your energy bills have skyrocketed. If you have broken shingles on your roof, you may notice some major temperature changes: for example, during the summer, your home is stiflingly hot. Your missing shingles will form a hole in your roof, allowing your heating and cooling to escape from your home. This causes your air conditioning and heating to work constantly and this leads to a large energy bill. If you notice your energy bill going up, call roofers in Paramount, CA for a roof repair.

Debris in the Gutters

When cleaning your gutters, study what you find in there. If you notice they are full of debris or pieces of shingles, consider getting a roof repair. When your shingles are damaged, they start to break apart and fall into your gutters. So, seeing this debris should tell you that your shingles are old or damaged. If you have an asphalt roof, you should know that a new roof can only last about 20 years; so, if you have an old roof, keep an extra close eye on debris in your gutter to make sure you don’t have broken shingles leaking into it.

Roof Repair in Paramount, CA

Moss Growth

Finally, the last thing you should look for before considering if you need roofers in Paramount, CA is the color of your roof. It’s best if you can examine your roof directly; however, you can stand on the ground to examine any spots of extreme color change. If you notice green or dark streaks, you could have algae, moss, or mold growing on your roof.

Finding any of these on your roof can tell you that you have some broken shingles, as moisture can seep in and allow algae or moss to grow. Mold can also grow when your shingles break, which can leak into your home. The last thing you want is mold growing inside of your home, so get a roof repair as soon as possible if you notice a color change on your roof.

If you notice any of these signs of wear-and-tear on your roof, you should consider hiring roofers in Los Angeles County to perform a roof repair. When your roof breaks, you can risk water entering your home and causing mold to grow inside. If you notice water stains, a saggy ceiling, or color changes on your roof, you should find a roofing company to fix it right away.

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Some information about Paramount, CA

Paramount is a city in Los Angeles County, California, United States. According to the 2010 census, the city had a total population of 54,098, down from 55,266 at the 2000 census. Paramount is part of the Greater Los Angeles Area and is bordered by Compton and Lynwood to the west, South Gate and Downey to the north, Bellflower to the east and south, and Long Beach to the south.

The city today known as Paramount was originally identified in 1781 by Mexican settlers of New Spain. It was organized under two old Spanish Ranchos; on the west, Rancho San Pedro, and on the east, Rancho Los Nietos (now portions of the cities of Santa Fe Springs and Whittier). These ranchos were established under the Spanish Empire and granted by King Carlos III in 1784. In 1834, Rancho Los Nietos was partitioned into five smaller ranchos including Rancho Los Cerritos and Rancho Los Alamitos, which both encompassed parts of Paramount.

After the Mexican–American War California was ceded to the United States. The then-unincorporated community of Paramount was created in 1948 when the United States Postmaster General ordered the merger of the post offices of Hynes and Clearwater (Pitt 1997:381). The name was taken from Paramount Boulevard, the main north-to-south surface street extending through the city. The city officially incorporated January 30, 1957 following a successful ‘Save Paramount for Paramount’ campaign to fight annexation by Long Beach, Bellflower, and South Gate.

While the Paramount economy was based largely on the hay and dairy industries, the high cost of land led to their local demise. The last Paramount dairy closed in 1977.

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