A Total Cost Breakdown of Tile Roof Repairment

Roof Maintenance Cost

Even though tile roofs withstand intense storms and winds, they do get damaged from nature’s ferocity, like hailstorms, windstorms, rainstorms, and some other reasons. You should keep in mind that abandoning the damaged roofs can put you and your family in danger and lead to a higher repair cost.
The price ranges from $300 to $760 to repair a 10 x 10 area of damaged steel tiles in a 1,000 sq. ft, and the average comes out to $600. It can go low as $160 and high as $2,600, depending on each circumstance. There is a significant gap in the price range because the cost varies by many different factors.
You have to understand that the price can be lower than the minimum cost and higher than the maximum cost. In fact, make sure to know the problem and solution before you begin any repair. No matter how bad it is, get it fixed before it needs a whole replacement.
  • Typical Range: $300 – $760
  • Typical Average: $600
  • Highest Cost: $2600
  • Lowest Cost: $160
*NOTE*: repair of an area of 10 x 10 damaged metal tiles in a 1,000sq. ft. roof

Factors That Decide Roofing Costs

  • Type of tiles used – material
  • Number of damaged tiles
  • Does it need roof removals
  • Does it need a repairment or a replacement
  • Hourly labor cost
  • The total duration of the repairment
  • Height and size of the home
  • How difficult it is to access the roof
  • How are the tiles attached to the roof
  • Additional cost

Cost Varies by Materials

  • Concrete Tile: $8 – $20 per sq. ft.
  • Clay Tile: $9 – $20.50 per sq. ft.
  • Metal Tile: $9 – $23 per sq. ft.
  • Composite Tile: $10 – $20.50 per sq. ft.
  • Terracotta Tile: $11 – $23 per sq. ft.
*NOTE*: the cost includes both materials and labor

Concrete Tile

Concrete tiles are repairable by anywhere from $8 – $20 per sq. ft. It is the most affordable repairment cost compared to other tiles. Concrete tile lasts up to 50 years, requires low maintenance, extremely durable, and withstands severe weather. It is an ideal roof type for places with high humidity.

Clay Tile

Clay tile can be repaired anywhere from $9 – $20.50 per sq. ft. Clay tiles have a long lifespan, require low maintenance, have excellent insulation, weather-resistant, and aesthetics. Unlike other simple tiles, clay tiles may require high professionals who can repair the roof exactly how it’s designed and installed. Most clay tiles are built on old and historical buildings.

Metal Tile

Metal tiles range from $9 – $23 per sq. ft. to repair and have a lifespan of 40 to 70 years. They are durable, energy-efficient, and easy to install. However, if metal tiles are damaged, shingles must be fixed, which can be more difficult than replacing individual tiles.

Composite Tile

Composite tiles range from $10 – $20.50 per sq. ft. to repair and have a lifespan of 30 to 50 years. It can withstand hailstorms and severe winds up to 110miles per hour. Due to the fiberglass mat, it absorbs less moisture and prevents mold and algae from building up. Over time, the shingles get curled up a little, requiring a repair or maintenance check regularly.

Terracotta Tile

Terracotta tile is one of the clay tiles. Terracotta tiles are resistant to high heat, require low maintenance, eco-friendly, energy-efficient, and last over 100years. The repairing can cost anywhere from $11 – $23 per sq. ft.

Cost Varies by Problems

  • Slipped Roof Tile: $8 – $13 per sq. ft.
  • Sagging Roof: $15 – $25 per sq. ft.
  • Tile Roof Leak: $10 – $150 per leak
  • A Whole Replacement: $9.75 – $32.50 per sq. ft. (including removal, disposal, materials, installation, and underlayment. Labor cost varies by States)
*NOTE*: the cost includes both materials and labor, except ‘a whole replacement’ cost.

Slipped Roof Tile

Frequently, slipped roof tiles are found after severe storms. The most common reason is caused by corrosion of the nails, holding the tiles on the roof. Severe winds and rain can dislodge tiles, and if the house is old, the wood may be rotten and needs repair. Repairing a slipped roof tile ranges from $8 – $13 per sq. ft, including the material and labor.

Sagging Roof

Fixing a sagging roof can range anywhere from $15 – $25 per sq. ft. Excessive weight on a roof, like snow and ice, can make the roof sag. Moreover, if you overlay shingles on the roof during the installation process, it can result in a sagging roof. This could be from an improper installation, foundation, or construction.

Tile Roof Leak

A tile roof leak can put you and your family in danger, so it is extremely important to get the roof repaired as soon as you find a leakage. Many factors can cause leakage on your roof, and here is the list of cost per damages:
  • Clogged Gutters: $10k – $20k
  • Cracked Vent Booting: $15k – $25k
  • Cracked Flashing: $20k – $25k
  • Leaking Roof Skylight: $30k – $90k
  • Missing or Cracked Shingles: $30k – $35k
  • Ice Dam: $70k – $150k
*NOTE*: the cost includes both materials and labor

Scheduling A Full Roof Replacement

Replacing the whole roof is the last thing you would want to do, but sometimes it is better to replace your whole roof. If the roof has been installed for more than its expected lifespan or is under severe leakage, it’s better to replace it for you and your family’s safety. Replacing a roof may cost anywhere between $9.75 to $32.50, not including the labor cost. The labor cost may vary by where you live, accessibility of the house, and the weather. Always talk to multiple local roofers to get a proper estimate.
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