A Total Cost Breakdown of Tile Roof Cleaning

The Cost of Roof Cleaning Services

For a long-lasting roof and to prevent any damage, it’s important to clean your roof regularly. The roof is something that protects us from severe weather, hot summer, and cold winter. It’s normal to get dirt and debris built up on your roof with stains, mold, and moss.
It’s highly recommended to hire a professional roof cleaner to ensure there aren’t any dirty spots left that could soon lead to a problem. The price for roof cleaning ranges anywhere from $450 to $700, and the typical average is about $612. It can cost low as $173 to high as $1,330. These estimates are based on water blasting a 1,500 sq. ft roof. Keep in mind that prices may vary depending on many factors.
  • Typical Range: $450 – $700
  • Typical Average: $612
  • Highest Cost: $1,330
  • Lowest Cost: $173

Five Types of Cleaning Methods and Their Costs

  • Roof Blow: $.05 – $.10 per sq. ft.
  • Zinc Oxide Application: $.05 – $.15 per sq. ft.
  • Chemical Wash: $.20 – $.30 per sq. ft.
  • High and Low Pressure Wash: $.20 – $.70 and $.30 – $.70 per sq. ft.
  • Soft Wash: $.30 – $.75 per sq. ft.

Roof Blow

Roof blow is done by a leaf blower that blows away leaves, debris, or any moss left on the roof. The price ranges anywhere from $.05 to $.10 per square foot. It’s not the most effective way to do roof cleaning, but it works great if your house is surrounded by many trees or wants to get a general cleaning done.

Zinc Oxide Application

Applying Zinc Oxide on a roof can be done in two ways: using a zinc strip or using a powder. It could cost anywhere from $.05 – $.15 per sq. ft. It is a great way to kill organisms growing on your roof, and most roof cleaners prefer to use the powder form, which needs to be done on a day with no wind. Due to its lightweight powder form, it can blow off the roof and won’t benefit the roof.

Chemical Wash

When doing chemical wash, you need to make sure to completely get rid of all the chemicals on the roof to protect from any loosening or dissolving the bond of shingles and granular surface. The cost ranges from $.20 to $.30 per sq. ft. Some common chemicals that are used are sodium hydroxide, sodium hypochlorite, and sodium percarbonate. It provides long-lasting cleanness and enhances curb appeal.

High Pressure Wash

Pressure wash is currently the most commonly used cleaning method for roof cleaning. It’s done by using a pressure washer that blasts high-pressure water on the roof. The price ranges from $.20 to $.70 sq. ft. It helps preserve its shingles and tiles, ensuring the roof stays clean and longevity. Most importantly, it removes debris, moss, algae, dirt, and stain. Before you schedule a pressure wash, make sure you don’t have any weak or broken shingles or tiles because it can damage the roof’s weakened part.

Low Pressure Wash

Low pressure uses gentle chemicals and low water pressure to clean a roof. It can cost anywhere from $.30 to $.70 per sq. ft. It kills most organisms and rinses dirt; however, the stubborn marks and stains may remain on the roof. This is a good option for an old or delicate roof. It will give a general clean at a lower risk of damaging your roof.

Soft Wash

Soft wash is an application with a diluted bleach solution, followed by a water rinse. This kills all kinds of organisms and removes all dirt. It can cost anywhere from $.30 to $.75 per sq. ft. The solution enables the roof to remain clean with no growing organisms for 3 to 5 years. It’s better to have a professional do the job because if the mixture is made with the wrong proportion, it can kill your lawn landscaping.

Cost Varies by Materials

  • Rubber & Tar and Gravel: $.20 – $.30 per sq. ft.
  • Wood & Slate: $.30 – $.70 per sq. ft.
  • Metal: $.20 – $.70 per sq. ft.
  • Asphalt Shingles, Concrete, and Tile: $.30 – $.75 per sq. ft.
Rubber roof can cost $.20 to $.30 per sq. ft, and it is most suitable with the chemical washing method. Rubber is not an ideal place for moss and lichens to grow, so all you need is clean dirt and stain. The well-diluted chemical wash can make your rubber roof nice and clean.
Tar and Gravel
Tar and gravel roof is also suitable for the chemical wash, which ranges anywhere from $.20 to $.30 per sq. ft. It will remove moss and algae in the gentlest way possible and keep your roof clean for a long period.
Wood & Slate
Low pressure washing is an ideal way to clean wood roofs and slate tiles with a garden hose and less harsh chemicals. Solutions that contain oxalic acid works great as a roof cleaner. High pressure can be too harsh on wood. The individual tiles from the slate roof can become dislodged if cleaned with a high pressure blast—the price ranges from $.30 to $.70 per sq. ft.


Metal roofs are firm, steady, and strong, that can withstand strong water blasts and chemicals. The cost ranges anywhere from $.20 to $.70 per sq. ft. This cleaning method will eliminate all the stains, dirt, algae, and moss lying on the roof.

Asphalt Shingles, Concrete, and Tile

Asphalt shingles, concrete, and tiles roof are best suitable to use a soft wash method, and the cost ranges from $.30 to $.75 per sq. ft. Asphalt shingles and tiles are delicate and malleable compared to other roof types, so they need to be handled in detail with care. Concrete roofs are mostly used in humid places, so it is preferred to use the chemical to kill all moss, lichens, and algae.
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